LIFESTYLE 6 years ago

Holiday Gift Guide // For your Coworker

ย I know how much my #CincTeam means to me, so I’m excited to share with you my Holiday Gift Guide for your coworkers! When it comes to the holidays, you don’t have to go all-out, but gift them a little something to show how much you appreciate them! Chances are, you see them more than your friends and family. Whether it’s hand cream for those chilly days or a leather journal for all of their important notes, your coworkers will love that you thought of them!

1. Tea Tin Set

2. Pencil Case

3. Diffuser

4. Denim Care Set

5. Passport Case

6. Water Bottle

7. Desk Calendar

8. Mug

9. French Press

10. Orange Blossom Soap

11. Hand & Nail Cream

12. Home State Coasters

13. Leather Notebook

14. Metallic Basket


Photography by Karen Rosalie