Outfits 7 years ago

Seoul Cool in Black

Contrary to what you might think of Korea, Seoul is actually very modern! There aren’t many areas that are rustic and rural, unless you go to specific areas of Seoul or in the countryside. It actually looks like Koreatown in Los Angeles, if you fast forward ten years. Seoul is super modern and everything is designed for your convenience. For example, my team and I had actually thought the escalator at our hotel was broken .. until we stepped on it and it started moving! We totally need an energy saving escalator in the states.

I wore this black outfit on one of my first days in Korea when it was still warm. Typical of me to do an all black monochrome outfit with a pop of red, right? I like this dress because it’s very simple but has a feminine element to it. The flared skirt as well as the flared sleeves gives it more dimension, and has great movement.. especially when I’m walking around the city! I always pack a pair of flat boots when I’m traveling because not only are they super comfortable, but boots can instantly make your outfit stronger. A black leather jacket is also one of those must have closet staples. They’re so versatile and I love the fitted sleeves on this moto jacket. Even though I’m wearing a more girly dress, I like to pair it with cooler elements like a leather jacket and a pop of red for a cool city girl look!

Happy Monday all! I’m so happy to have my first work day back in LA!



Photography by Karen Rosalie