Outfits 9 years ago

Playing Dress Up Grown Up

When I was younger, my sister and I would play dress up in the living room. We once even lit the living room on fire because we were trying to make fireworks out of newspapers for our catwalk stage hah! I think my affinity with fine clothes started even before I was old enough to understand what fashion truly was. Through the amazing editorials in magazines, I quickly became enamored with all the women dressed in beautiful clothes. And fast forward, now I’m a stylist, dressing up other people professionally! As I’ve shared in my 11 tips to look expensive, I’ve learned that the key is to invest in staple pieces and rock it with confidence. It’s definitely quality over quantity.

My personal style has gone through a serious reduction with each passing year. I’m not sure if you guys remember me wearing a ton of bracelets and flowy maxi skirts just a few years ago. Although I still wear a variation of that style, I feel as if now everything is a lot more mature and simplified. Less is definitely more! I’m still a fur coat wearing kind of girl, but nowadays I’d pair it with a simple and understated white dress and black heels. I must have like ten versions of this white dress. But in all seriousness, I can’t emphasize enough about how classic and elegant a white dress looks. It’s a great piece to have in the back of your closet for those glam moments! Did you guys notice the details in the back of these Gianvito Rossi heels? The bunny ears detail in the back is subtle yet provocative…super cute.

For a more casual day-to-day look, this Jil Sander white coat is super versatile. I like the simple and classic white lines that make it look more structured and tailored. A white trench coat is also a staple piece that I always bring out during the winter because it’s classic. I hardly do any prints now, but when I do, I find that I tend to gravitate toward simple stripes. I’ve always loved the feminine silhouettes of Valentino, so when I saw this dress, I knew I had to have it! The high waistline cinches perfectly at the top, giving the appearance of a smaller waist. When choosing accessories, I go simple and understated. This gold Isabel Marant cuff is versatile yet completely subtle. It’s a piece that makes sense despite the two different styles of these looks.

As much as I love clothes, having a sister makes fashion twice as much fun because there’s someone to share it with. But now that my sister lives in New York, I do miss spending time with her playing dress up. (Will Chloe have a sister to play dress up with??) But every time my sister comes into town she borrows clothes from my closet so it’s as though things never really changed from when we were younger! Well…except now I know how to style monochromatic looks and not to set my living room on fire hah!

I’m excited to announce my partnership with MATCHESFASHION.COM. It’s one of those sites I’ve spent way too much time and money on, so when they asked me to be one of their guest stylist/editor I couldn’t have been more thrilled. Besides these 2 outfits I styled on myself, I cheated and styled a number of different looks on a model HERE. I carefully selected these pieces as they are all generally versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched into a fancy look with heels or seamlessly exchange them for a pair of cool sneakers. I could proudly say I would wear every single one of these outfits, and hope to own every single one of them soon.. Haha. Please check out my styling work with MATCHESFASHION.COM HERE, and I hope you enjoy these outfits just as much as I do! Wishing you all a happy Wednesday!



Photography by Karen Rosalie