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5 Instagram Editing Apps Revealed

As I’m sure you guys know, I’ve been on Instagram a very long time. I love the constant feed of inspiring images, and it really makes the world a smaller place. But as amazing as Instagram is, it’s VERY important to remember that Instagram is not real life. Trust me when I say that filters only makes everything look better. (Key word is look!) I always get asked which photo editing apps I use! So to answer the question, I did a post about my favorite editing apps a while ago, (read it HERE!) but I’ve decided it was time for an update!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know my team and I are currently in New York for Fashion Week, and here are the apps I’m using to step up my insta-game. Sharing with you guys my 5 favorite instagram editing apps today!

1. VSCOcam

If you guys remember from my instagram editing post last year, VSCO has been an old favorite of mine. But recently I discovered something in this app that made it my absolute must-have app! I’m talking about if I was stranded on an island and I could only pick one app to edit with, this would be the one hah! So I don’t know how long they’ve had this, but the filters in the expansion packs are a total game changer! (Or am I just late to the game?) When I discovered this, I definitely bought a bunch to find one that I use for all my images. To buy the filters, simply go to the filters option, and hit “Shop” on the far right!

2. Meitu

This Chinese app mostly deals with beauty and selfie shots. And it has crazy features like correcting dark eye circles, make your eyes bigger, or you can even make yourself look taller! (But if I did that, I’d look like a giant!) One word of caution about this app is that you can easily go overboard and look too fake. After lots of trial and error, I really try not to do anything artificial to my face anymore. Instead, I think the best beauty app is confidence! Instead, I like using this app mostly for my white product lay downs! Sometimes the white can pick up little specks and dirt, so one of my tricks is to use the blemish tool on Meitu to spot it out! & I like to use the “dark eye circle corrector” to lighten up darker areas of the image, like the carpet!

3. Afterlight

Afterlight has tons of filters to choose from, but I love it for the clarity feature! This feature is amazing because it brings out the shadows to make your image look more balanced. I actually love to run my photos through Afterlight first, using the clarity, before taking it into VSCO for the filters. Their sharpening feature is really great as well, and can make an image look very sharp and crisp!

4. Snapseed

I put off downloading this app for a really long time even though I was hearing a lot of great buzz about it. The interface is a lot more complicated than the other apps, but after playing around with it, I have to say .. Snapseed is one of my favs now! It has an amazing feature to bump up the white in a picture and makes an image look really crisp and clean. (And as you guys know, I’m all about that white!) I also love the spot tool because I can desaturate certain areas while bumping up other areas. Like for example, I can make the walls more desaturated so the focus is on my outfit!


5. Facetune

Surprisingly enough, I don’t use this app to tune my face! Like I said, after trial and error, I’ve learned that it is never a good idea to use any face editing apps. It doesn’t look natural and it’s never worth it! What I use this app for is actually the sharpening tool. It can make certain areas in your photos stand out more, which is great for product laydowns!

And there you have it, my top five photo editing apps! Stay tuned next week for my 3 tips for shooting better Instagram photos! In the mean time, Happy Insta-ing!

Do you guys have a favorite editing app? Let me know in the comments below!


Photography by Karen Rosalie