Beauty 6 years ago

5 Favorites // Fall Nail Colors

When Fall comes along, everyone goes for a deep red or burgundy as their go-to color. As beautiful & classic as that is, it’s fun to think outside of the box and be adventurous! Of course there are pieces you can adopt to transition into Fall, but nails are the easiest and least expensive way to change up your look and usher in the Autumn season!

Here are my picks for fall nail colors this season!

1. Khaki

I love wearing khaki on my nails because it’s a nude-like color but with a twist. It’s also an easy take on the utilitarian/army jacket trend that’s so in right now for Fall! This color matches my favorite new trench coat, too!

2. Purple:

If you’re used to reaching for the dark reds, this deep plum is a great alternative if you want to change it up! It still has the vamp-y vibe of a red, but it’s a lot more approachable.

3. Blush Pink:

I love how romantic this color is! It’s not an out-right pink (save that for your lips!) but it’s light and airy and whimsical! So in a season of dark colors, this blush pink will be perfect to balance out the hues!

4. Nude:

You can’t ever go wrong with a nude-nail. It’s such a classic! This is my go-to color for busy weeks, because even if it chips it’s nearly impossible to tell!

5. Gold:

I love gold as an highlight color. I have gold accents all over my house, even my closet! So it makes perfects sense to add this to my Fall nail favorites. Glitter nails are also a great way to have a little fun for Holiday parties! The thing I love about this gold is that the glitter chucks aren’t too big, so it gives the perfect amount of shimmer!

And there you have it! All the Fall nail colors I’ll be reaching for this season! I can’t believe New York Fashion Week is almost over! Be sure to follow me on snapchat (@chrisellelim) to get all the behind the scenes secrets!


Photography by Karen Rosalie