Outfits 8 years ago

Off The Shoulder Tunic & Gladiator Sandals

Where do I even begin? Wow, what a whirlwind weekend! Those of you that follow me on instagram & snapchat already know about all the festivities that happened since Allen surprised me in New York with Chloe. First, I have to say that I’ve never felt so loved & appreciated. Second, traveling with a baby is not for the weary! Don’t get me wrong, it was incredibly memorable and worthwhile, but on the flip side it was equally as exhausting! This was actually my first time “traveling” with Chloe, so there were a lot of things I didn’t even take into consideration. I think I can write a whole blog post on all the details of this, so I’ll save all the funny stories for next time. Long story short we finally made it back home, and I think it’s safe to say that  I’ve finally overcome my fear of flying with Chloe! She was sooooo unexpectedly well behaved. Slept half the time, and played half the time. I was anticipating the worse case scenario, so I was pleasantly surprised with how “easy” it was to fly with a baby. So many lasting memories from this past weekend-  from our mommy picnic at central park , to spending time with my best friend & sister, and of course just exploring & walking around the city with Allen & Chloe.
Anyways I wore this outfit a few days before I left for NY, but also repeated the outfit yesterday in NY (as seen HERE).  Many of you have been asking how  I lost all my baby weight. While that’s semi true, I have to confess that I do cheat a little with my off  the shoulder tops that give me an illusion of  a longer neckline which makes me appear slimmer. (One of my styling hacks!) I can’t even count how many off the shoulder tops I currently own, but this Tibi Off The Shoulder Cotton Poplin Tunic  has to be the most practical and easiest one to wear out of them all.  The fact that the top is so incredibly loose and breezy allows me to easily nurse in it as well (you can watch me nursing  in this shirt on my snapchat! Username: @ChriselleLim ). It’s also one of those shirts that is extremely versatile. You could throw on a pair of jeans and dress them up with a pair of pumps, or make it look more tropical with a pair of gladiators like i’m wearing here.
One thing I learned from this weekend?  Go outside of your comfort zone and do something different because that is where miracles happen & where memories are made. So often we get caught up with the day to day and forget to live life beyond what we are used to. To be honest I’ve had so much anxiety thinking about flying with Chloe that I delayed all my plans so I didn’t have to fly with her. There are so many factors when traveling with a baby (whether it’s local, domestic, or international), and too many  “what ifs”. This past weekend I felt like I was able to bond with both  Chloe and Allen on a whole new level, and that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t overcome my fear.  So this week I urge you to try something new and do something out of your comfort zone! (Doesn’t necessarily have to be traveling!)
Happy Monday !


Photography by Karen Rosalie