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LIFESTYLE 4 years ago

Change Destiny

I’m extremely proud and excited to finally share this film with you guys! Not only is it Chriselle Inc.’s  first ever “short film” that we have produced & directed, but it’s a film that takes you on a emotional journey from the darkest period of my life.

When we were approached by SK-ll to share with our audience of how I’ve been able to change my destiny, I couldn’t help but relive that dark moment of my miscarriage (you can watch my miscarriage video HERE). I remember feeling like a complete failure and I was so emotionally devastated. I questioned my existence, and felt like something was wrong with me and my body. I felt useless, worthless, and ashamed.

But fact of the matter is, miscarriages are actually quite common, yet most women suffer in secrecy, shame, and in silence. I was lucky that Allen and the friends that I eventually did tell were so supportive and encouraging. (Not to mention all of you guys!) It was incredibly hard but I continued to do my best every day as a career woman and as a wife. I chose to not let this loss discourage me. I eventually came to realize that my miscarriage did not define me as a woman. Through hope and a spirit that refused to be defeated, I changed my destiny.

This film was inspired by my own personal story along with thousands of women that suffered from a similar loss. It was the first time we’ve ever produced something of this caliber, and its been so incredible seeing it finally come together. From storyboarding, scripting, location scouting, styling, to filming at 4 am, we put so much love into this film. I hope you enjoy watching it just as much as we did making it. & Hopefully this is the first out of many films that we produce this year!

If you loved the video below, feel free to share/post it, as I would love to encourage women that you are always in control. Things may happen unexpectedly but it is always in our power to change our destiny!  And so without further ado, here’s our first ever film, Change Destiny.




Produced by Chriselle Inc.

Director- Timmy Ngo

Cinematographer- John de Menil

Camera Assistant- Daryl Gilmore

Production Coordinator- Laura Arias

Production Assistant- Candice Kao

Talent-Styling- Chriselle Lim

Photography by Karen Rosalie

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Change Destiny

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