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7 Tips to Stand out at an Interview

Now is the season where you might be thinking about changing your job to follow your passion .. or if you’re a student, it’s time to look for an internship to spend your summer! & even though it’s been a while, I can still remember how nerve-wrecking interviewing for a new job or internship can be .. How are you supposed to make an impression amongst hundreds of other applicants?

As most of you know I run a full service production company called “Chriselle Inc”, where we produce content not only for our own channels but for other brands as well. We run real lean and mean- I have a small staff of 6 people and  2 interns. So as you guys can imagine I’ve personally interviewed many girls in the past to build our team to get to where it is at today. When I’m interviewing there are specific things that I always look for… some may be obvious, and some may not be. So today I’ll be sharing some tips on not only how to feel confident, but also how to stand out and ace your interview!

1. Be prepared

This may sound obvious, but you don’t understand how many girls I’ve seen who just were not prepared. Always do your research! There are simple questions I ask , and I could immediately tell if they have done their research or not. Look up the company’s history and take note of the projects & initiatives they have worked on in the past.

Always bring 2 copies of your resume, one for yourself and one for the interviewer. You might have applied online & sent them a virtual copy, but in person most likely your interviewer will be taking notes on paper. Show them that you’re prepared by offering them a copy (even if they might have already printed it out beforehand!),  and that way when you are going over your resume, you also have a copy to look at during the interview.

Bring a notebook or ipad along to take notes (I personally ALWAYS have a journal on me so I can always take notes wherever I’m at). This shows that you are  organized,  prepared, and engaged. Remember, it’s always the smallest of things that make the biggest difference.

PS. It makes a difference if you print your resume on a nicer paper. It’s all in the details!

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2. Don’t underestimate an ironed classic white button-up

Interviews are just not the time to take risks and try out new trends.  I can’t tell you guys how many times I’ve interviewed a girl who shows up dressed either way too casually or way too trendy (think daisy dukes paired with crop tops.) Yes, I’ve encountered some girls who look like they are going to a rave. Of course, this can vary  and it all depends on WHO you are interviewing with, but if you are unsure it’s always better to play safe than sorry. Regardless of whether it’s a position in the fashion industry or at an accounting firm, don’t underestimate a classic white button-up! It’s chic, effortless, and sophisticated. You can dress it up with a blazer or down with a pair of  jeans, but when in doubt .. you can never go wrong with a white button-up!

3. Keep it minimal & keep it simple

Again, this all depends on WHO you are interviewing for. For instance if you are interviewing for a beauty company such as MAC, then you might want to vamp it up a bit, and take a risk with your makeup.  But there’s something incredibly chic and classy about keeping your makeup simple & minimal.  One of the reasons being that it doesn’t distract from your conversation with the interviewer.

I once had a girl who came in for an interview, and she was wearing this gorgeous sultry black lipstick  color. She actually made the lipstick look extremely wearable and chic believe it or not! Long story short- her black lipstick rubbed off onto her teeth, and yup…I could NOT stop staring at her teeth. I was SO distracted that I completely forgot how the interview  went. I eventually told her that she had something on her teeth, and she was so embarrassed… I felt so bad!  Never underestimate the power of simplicity.

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4. Do your Research

Now beauty tips aside .. let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Do your research. Before your interview, make sure you know about the company and what they’re all about. What are some of their big accomplishments this year? What are they best known for and how do they rank amongst their competitors? Having done your research beforehand allows you to have more things to talk about with your interviewer also!

5. Edit your resume

Everyone can list out their duties on their resume, but I find that writing your duties & it’s effect on the company you worked for has a way stronger impact. For example, if you designed a graphic for your old company, what was it’s impact? How many people saw that graphic? If an interviewer sees “designed graphics used for promotional purposes on banner homepage and drove spring sales by 10%” that’s infinitely more powerful than just “designed graphics.”

6. Ask Questions

At the end of the interview when they ask you if you have questions, always have at least 3 questions prepared! It shows that you are excited about the position, and that you want to get to know more about becoming a part of the company. And for bonus points, be attentive during the interview so that you can form questions out of what the interviewer tells you during the interview!

7. Establish a connection

At the end of the day, an interview is just people meeting people. Interviewers can go through many applicants a day .. so resume and qualifications aside, don’t be shy toward your interviewer! Make that personal connection that will allow them to remember you .. like bonding over living in the east coast, or travel abroad. This also goes into tip #4 for doing your research .. with all the social media networks we have now, don’t be scared to use them! Look at your interviewer’s Linkedin to get an idea of where they’re from if it’ll help you come up with things to talk about. But also on that note .. make sure your social media accounts are all on private or rated PG!

And there you have it .. my 7 tips for standing out in your interview! Do you guys have any tips to share with each other? Share it in the comments below!



Photography by Karen Rosalie