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Outfits 4 years ago

One Dress in Two Ways

Photography by Karen Rosalie

These days I am all about utility when it comes to my clothing. I want things that not only look great but, are functional with a bit of creativity. This week I had to go from a more formal dinner party to meeting Allen for a date night in the city and I didn’t want to lug around a separate outfit. I found this unique fringed silk mini dress by Haney, which is essentially two pieces in one. You can wear the dress as is, but also remove the  fringe silk mini style underneath and wear the silk overlay as a tunic top.

For the dinner party look I went for a more classic approach by wearing the fringed dress as is, and of course paired it with my DVF gingham sandals that I’ve been donning every time I get a chance. As for my date look I removed the fringe slip and added these high rise destroyed jeans and went for my lace up Marants. I love the whole dresses over pants look I’ve been seeing on the runways lately and I think this outfit this is a pretty good translation of the runway looks that you guys can do as well. The jeans give me the coverage that I want, while the high slit give me the sexiness that I want to exude. As for my handbag I decided to pull out my trusty Chanel Boy Bag.

 Dressing up for different occasions doesn’t have to be daunting especially when you can buy 2 outfits for 1.  So which look do you guys prefer, sophisticated or downtown cool? Let me know below!


Fringe Dress: Haney

Jeans: Hudson

Bracelets: Brandy Pham

Necklace: Jennie Kwon Choker & Sincerely So 

Bag: Chanel

Gingham Sandals: DVF

Lace Up Sandals: Isabel Marant


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