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Beauty 4 years ago

7 Beauty Ways to Use Vaseline

Vaseline is the holy grail of moisturizers because it’s the most low maintenance and unexpected but effective product that everyone has in their house. The best thing about Vaseline is that it has less chemicals in it compared to other products, so it’s a great product to be used organically. Today I’m sharing with you guys 7 unexpected beauty ways to use vaseline!

1. Highlighter

Ditch your highlighter for the day and use Vaseline as your highlighter! Apply a small amount on your cheeks and under eye area for a dewy look. I like using this method for my more casual days because it gives my skin a chance to breathe and be hydrated at the same time.

2. Lash & Brow lengthener

Before you go to sleep at night, or before doing your makeup, try applying vaseline to your lash or brows to get your lashes to grow longer or thicker. I learned this tip from girlfriends of mine who’ve been doing this for a while and definitely see a difference! (Super cheap organic alternative to spending hundreds on lash growing products.) Vaseline is also a great eyebrow gel for my readers who has unruly brows.

3. Ultimate Moisturizer for dry skin

Sometimes when my skin (especially my feet) gets super dry in the winter, I like to rub vaseline on the problem areas and then wearing cozy socks to sleep to lock in the moisture for super smooth skin. Sometimes when I work from home I do this tip during the day also!

4. Nude Moisture Lip Balm

Instead of just throwing away old eyeshadow, try mixing the pigment with vaseline to create a super moisturizing lip balm! Here I’ve used an old brown eyeshadow with some vaseline to make a nude lip balm. It’s super moisturizing and I like having this color as base for my lipstick!

5. Brown Sugar + Vaseline Moisture Bath Scrub

Here’s another DIY scrub for you guys … This one is super easy to make and leaves your skin feeling ultra moisturized. Mix in 1/2 teaspoon of vaseline + 1 teaspoon of brown sugar for a moisturizing hand scrub. Of course for a bath scrub, you’d double or triple the measurements! This scrub can last for a week and a little goes a long way!

6. Make your perfume last longer

In addition to these tips … you can also apply a dab of vaseline to your pulse points so the scent lasts longer!

7. Makeup remover

Vaseline makes a great makeup remover for the eyes. I love this tip because I’ve always felt a little iffy about putting so much makeup remover on my skin because it feels so chemical heavy. Vaseline removes my eye makeup gently and easily and I get the benefit of tip #2!

And there you have it … 7 ways to use vaseline! What do you think? Will you be incorporating these tips in your daily skincare / beauty routine?

Photography by Karen Rosalie

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7 Beauty Ways to Use Vaseline

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