Outfits 8 years ago

My Perfectly Imperfect Body

Photography by Karen Rosalie

I’ve often talked about how much I expect to bounce back immediately after Chloe, but fact of the matter is .. that’s just not realistic, and i’ve learned to fall in love with my perfectly imperfect body. Maybe it’s because I’m often getting photographed and so much of my life is on the internet, but I feel like there’s this huge pressure to be perfect. And with the right angles and photo filters, that only enforces the idea that everything has to be glamorized and UNREAL. Instagram has all of a sudden become a platform to filter your way into what seems like a “perfect life” (I’m guilty of this myself). I’ve recently been very encouraged to open up and talk about my struggles with my body after seeing so many women online embrace their imperfect post partum bodies. (This particular post on Facebook HERE really  inspired & moved me) There’s a movement going on where we’re starting to embrace our body while working towards our body goals instead of body shaming and feeling so bad about ourselves. I’ve been relying on my corset most days, but other times I’ve realized it’s okay to give myself a break and just be thankful I have a beautiful baby girl at home. It was after all the roundness in my belly that was able to protect Chloe and the extra fat stored up that was able to nourish her for 9 months. Then you realize how amazing the human body really is and how beautiful it is that you were able to create, carry, then birth your one and only. The curves of a woman’s body represents the entire circle of life.

Bringing me to the reasons why I love this outfit. This lace Rebecca Taylor skirt hugs my “new” curves all in the right areas. Pencil skirts are one of those universally flattering fits for all body types- curvy, thin, and in between. This tailored pencil skirt, crafted in delicate white lace,  reveals the perfect amount of skin making it the perfect piece for the warmer months. transparent stripes to this pastel-hued sweater. Then this Jason Wu Striped sweater is a mixture of sweet and sultry with the added transparent stripes on to this pastel hued sweater. A “relaxed” fit to skim right over your hips to offset the tailored fit of the pencil skirt.

Encouraging you guys this week to embrace your bodies and to give it some extra love this week!

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Sweater: Jason Wu

Skirt: Rebecca Taylor

Shoes: Miista

Bag: Balenciaga

Sunglasses: Gentle Monster

Postpartum Corset: Bellefit

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