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5 Tips for Your Winter Problems

As much as I love winter, I DON’T love all the winter beauty problems that comes during this season. It’s not so bad in LA, but whenever I travel to NY or Europe during this time…the dry skin, the brittle nails, and the constant search for my chap stick begins.. But today I’m sharing some home-made remedies & tips I’ve learned over the years to help my body stay hydrated & nourished despite the cold!

1. Dry Hands

This exfoliating scrub helps to remove dry skin cells and the oil & honey hydrates your skin! After I use this scrub, my hands feel immediately more hydrated & shiny, I definitely recommend doing this scrub once in a while to keep your hands healthy and fresh.

Stir coconut oil and honey together in a bowl.  In a small bowl, mix lemon juice, sea salt and sugar together, then pour over the coconut oil and honey mix. Stir until smooth.  Massage a dime size onto hands and scrub for up to 60 seconds, rinse hands with warm water and pat dry. Repeat 1-2 times a week.  Store scrub in a small glass container.


1tsb lemon juice | 1/4 cup sea salt | 1/4 organic sugar | 1 tbs coconut oil | 2tbs raw honey

2. Static Hair

I have really thick hair surprisingly, and during this season my hair ALWAYS picks up static! Instead of carrying a can of hairspray everywhere, I’ve learned a cool and unconventional way to tame my hair…dryer sheets! If my hair is especially staticky that morning, I usually run a dryer sheet on my way out the door to tame the frizz. It works! And my hair smells really clean. Try switching to a cream base product like this Bamboo Brilliance Cream over gels & hairsprays. I also prefer to use a natural bristle brush because it not only tames frizz but brings out the natural oils in my hair to make it look shiny & healthy!


Dryer Sheets | Styling Cream |Natural Bristle Brush

3. Brittle Nails

Even if it isn’t winter, I highly recommend doing this once a month. Since I always paint my nails, they can get pretty damaged if I don’t take care of them. I like doing this because it’s incredibly easy and effective. My cuticles also feels really soft after this treatment!

Mix lemon juice and olive oil and soak nails for 5 minutes.


3 tbs Olive Oil |2tbs Lemon Juice

4. Chapped Lips

If you’re not careful .. dry lips can be THE WORST part of winter. Using simple ingredients from your kitchen, this lip scrub is going to be your best friend this season. My lips immediately feels softer and shinier after doing it. And sweet too!

Mix ingredients then apply to lips in a circular motion for 20-40 seconds.


1tbs honey | 1tbs olive oil | 2 tbs brown sugar

5. Dry Skin

This is possibly the prettiest scrub ever! (It looks like Stracciatella gelato…) Using the most natural ingredients, this scrub is great for keeping your skin looking shiny and healthy. Ever since I’ve been pregnant, coconut oil has been really helpful in keeping my body hydrated and also meeting my beauty needs as I showed you with my guide on 7 ways to use coconut oil.  I’m glad I can still put my coconut oil to good use. This would also make a great gift as well!

In a medium bowl mix coconut, sugar and tea.  Mix until smooth and apply.

1 cup coconut oil | 1 1/2 cup of organic sugar cane | 2-3 tbs of Black loose leaf

And there you have it, 5 different ways to fight winter problems!

And quick thank you to all those who sent me such warm congratulations for my baby Chloe’s arrival.  I could not be more in love and excited for this next journey in our lives.  THANK YOU all so much, once again you have shown so much love and support and I am forever grateful for you guys.  Can’t wait to share my birth story with you, stay tuned!

Good luck and stay hydrated!