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Nostalgia + Last Minute Gift Ideas

Taking a stroll down memory lane as I  reminisce about my first job ever. Feeling quite nostalgic as of lately

Photography by Karen Rosalie

You guys may already know this, but Express was my first job ever in High School. I’ve always known I wanted to work in fashion, and being able to work in retail gave me my first experience in working in the fashion industry. For me, Express will always be the first door that was opened to me that gave me the opportunity to experience the fashion business. I recall tirelessly working late holiday hours just so I could make some extra money on the side to buy Christmas gifts. Funny how the world works, right? You just never know where you will end up at in the next few years.

Majorly nostalgic as of lately, maybe its because of the holidays? Maybe the fact that I can’t go home for Christmas this year (just in case Chloe decides to pop out early), or maybe it’s simply the hormones taking over, or possibly all of the above? I decided to take a stroll down memory lane and visit Express  to finish up some holiday shopping, and I was pleasantly surprised at their amazing collection of jewelry. A girl could always use more gold jewelry right?  And who knew that they also sold a variety of beauty products as well? Also is currently having a 50% STOREWIDE sale!

Moral of the story is never look at where you currently are and think that’s where you will be forever. If someone told me back when I was working retail at Express that I would be doing what I am today, I would laugh out of disbelief! Dream big because in due time your dreams will  eventually come to pass!

Gifts (featured in order):

Bracelets | Sweater | Eyeshadow Kit | Rings |

P.S Also for all you holiday procrastinators…I made this video for you! I hope you find it helpful…..