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LIFESTYLE 4 years ago

5 New Year Party Etiquette Tips

I can’t believe it’s almost the new year! This year has gone by so fast that it feels surreal. Last week I was heading to Christmas parties, and now I’m picking out dresses for new year parties.. Where did the time go? Anyway, here are some tips I have for you guys when it comes to party etiquette that you all should all follow to be the best guest possible!


1. Always RSVP

Even if you are best friends with the host, RSVP-ing (not just through text or email) can help the host stay organized when throwing a party. Especially when there are so many details to consider for throwing a holiday party, the last thing on their mind is that text you sent them a few days ago!

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2. Bring the hostess a gift

After all the work it takes to plan an event, a good party guest should be mindful of the hostess’s efforts! As a general rule of thumb, I always try to bring a gift (however simple) to thank the hostess for all her hard work. Allen is a wine aficionado and I love having fresh flowers, so we always either bring our friends a nice bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers! (And if you really want to go above and beyond, I found this really cute DIY on pinterest for gold-lined flutes that you guys can do to help out the host!)

{1, 2}

3. Be mindful of yourself

Unless it’s a New Year party thrown by your high school best friend and there are red cups instead of silverware on the table, be mindful of your surroundings! Especially if it’s a work party, remember that you still have to see these people at work the next day. And you don’t want to the that guest that everyone talks about next year, right? Keep it classy and elegant!


4. Socialize!

 The best thing about large social events is meeting new people, so don’t spend the entire night on your phone! Instead of sticking to the group you came with, introduce yourselves to a new group of people and make some new contacts. This is the perfect time to expand your network for the upcoming year!


5. Thank the host

After all the hard work a host puts into throwing a party, it’s always nice to hear back from the guest if they had a good time and to be appreciated. Go the extra mile and send a thank you card for an added touch of love!

& there you have it, the 5 party etiquette rules that seem obvious, but are often forgotten!

Excited to also finally reveal my FINAL video of the year. I’m incredibly excited to share with you guys this video as it features alot of my friends, and just us having an amazing time. Hopefully this helps with you figuring out what to wear before the clock strikes midnight!!! I’m a big believer in “How you start the year is how you end it”, so make sure to end it with a bang in your most chic outfit!!! ENJOY 🙂

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5 New Year Party Etiquette Tips

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