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3 Easy DIYs For A Glamorous Holiday Tablescape

If you’re planning on hosting a holiday party but haven’t bought anything as decor yet, I highly recommend getting everything this weekend! (It’s really the last weekend before the holidays anyway.) I’ve been so busy getting all my work done before the holidays that I haven’t had much time to plan decorations for our office party. So this year I’m going the quick and easy way with the help of my friends Shawna Yamamoto Jeannie Of Details Details! For the ultimate chic and elegant table setting, remember to follow these tips!

1. Have a personalized table setting

If you have a set guest list, the best thing to have is personalized table settings that says your guests names! That way they can even take it home with them afterwards and have something to remember your party for years to come. It could be something as simple as gathering up some leaves from your backyard and elegantly writing their names in gold!

2. Spray Paint It Gold!

When I think of luxurious and elegant, I always think of gold. To instantly glam up your holiday table, simply gather up some greens/ trimmings from your yard and spray paint it gold! We used these trimmings as gold accents to fill up the empty bottles! I absolutely love how rich and lush the trimmings look after they’ve been spray painted. Also  the gold netting, acting as a runner, instantly fills up the space in an airy and delicate way. When in doubt .. go gold!

3. Use recycled bottles as your candle holders

The best way to set the mood for your dinner is with candles! Instead of opting for your typical candle holder, we decided to use different sized bottles to hold these elegant tapered candles (make sure to get the dripless ones). To add dimension and depth to the setup make sure to get  bottles of different height and sizes. Candles at the table are great because it not only sets the mood, but it also adds such a cozy  element to the table!


I think we’re holiday party ready now! Happy Holidays everyone!

A big thank you to  Shawna Yamamoto  a.k.a The DIY  queen Jeannie Of Details Details(the best event/wedding planner in the game!). Make sure to check out our previous holiday DIY here!

Photography by Monica Wang