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Home / Decor 4 years ago

DIY // Decorated Votive Candles

OMG guys .. Christmas is next week! Are you guys prepared yet? Since I’ve been busy renovating my backyard and putting up the nursery, I feel like I’m so unprepared this holiday. Not to mention I still have to plan our office party this week.. I’ve never really been much of a DIY kind of gal, that’s why this holiday I’ve partnered with my friend Shawna Yamamoto (my wedding & baby shower florist) to help you guys make really easy and seasonal decorations for your home! Even for a busy bee like me I was able to take some time to make these pretty decorations to place around the house!

Materials Needed: 

1. White Candle

2. Spray Adhesive

3. Trimmings from your own tree or buy additional trimmings from craft store

4. Glass Votives

5. Pruners or scissors

Step 1 :

Cut the trimmings off from the branch. (And smile while you’re doing it!)

Step 2 :

Spray the glue adhesive onto the back side of the trimmings. Be sure to lay something under the trimmings so you’re not spraying the glue adhesive onto your surfaces!

Step 2 :

Lay it flat on the glass votive and hold it for a few seconds while the glue adheres to the glass. Then adjust accordingly! (the glue dries fast so make sure to  stick the branches on right after you spray it)

Step 4 :

Trim the extra trimming and place the candle into the votive!

And voila!

You know already know I LOVE candles, they add such a cozy and elegant element to any setting. That’s why this DIY is so perfect for this holiday, and not to mention EASY.! But of course, for my busy bee readers I’ve included candle sets that are also perfect for the home below. Thank you so much to Shawna for this perfect holiday DIY, Jeannie of Details Details ( my wedding planner) in coordinating,  and my friend Monica Wang for shooting these beautiful images.

And stay tuned for tomorrow, where I show you how to make the simplest and most BEAUTIFUL table centerpieces for your holiday dinner party on a budget!

P.S Do you guys like these DIY posts? Should I do more of these and make it into a regular series? Let me know in the comments below!


Photography: Monica Wang

Big Thanks to  Shawna Yamamoto & Jeannie Of Details Details for inspiring this DIY!

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DIY // Decorated Votive Candles

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