Outfits 9 years ago

Confident in Red

Have you guys read my “7 tips to dress expensive” post yet? Taking my own advice today and wearing pairing my suit with strong and simple accessories. This red blazer and shorts set is definitely one of my power outfits when I’m going on meetings. I paired it with black booties and a structured purse to complete the look. Confidence is all mental, and sometimes confidence can be found in having the perfect outfit!

Photography by Karen Rosalie

Confidence is one of those things that I think every girl eventually learns. Whether it’s by experimenting in make-up or fashion or new experiences, it’s definitely a beautiful self discovering journey. You guys know that for me, that moment was when I first wore my DvF dress for my first job in LA. Every day since then, even when I am feeling a little under the weather, I just remember that I am who I want to be. And the first step to portraying that is in the way I present myself. & especially now that I am pregnant, you guys know how much more effort I have to put into my outfits! There are days when I roll out of bed and I’m extremely tempted to just throw on a pair of sweats and an oversized hoodie, but I somehow always convince myself to get dressed up. As they say, “No matter how you feel, you will never regret a good work out.” Similarly I  have to say, “No matter how you feel, you will never regret a good outfit”.

In a recent interview I did with Well Rounded NY they asked me, “Is there pressure, as a style expert, to always be impeccably dressed during pregnancy? ” And this is what I had to say, “I wouldn’t call it pressure, but I feel like I have a responsibility to always look chic (especially during this time of my life), so I can inspire other women that are going through what I’m going through. Dressing the bump can be quite challenging, and it’s easy to not feel motivated to get dressed up, so I hope that my outfits inspire other women out there to feel beautiful and great about themselves no matter what size they are.” (click HERE to read the entire interview as I open up about my miscarriage.) 


Blazer: Lovers + Friends (on sale!) 

Shorts: Lovers + Friends (on sale!) 

Top: Ingrid & Isabel 

Bag: Tiffany & Co.

Shoes: Jimmy Choo 

Sunglasses: Sunday Somewhere

Necklace (from short to long): Luv AJ, Samantha Wills, Jennifer Zeuner