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5 Steps for Stress Free Holiday Shopping

Can you guys believe that the holidays are just a blink away? Shopping for others can be the most rewarding thing, but it can also be very daunting when you’re like me and you want to get the best gift possible for the ones you love. Now that we have a baby coming, the last thing I need is to be stressing about my shopping when I am still trying to get the nursery ready on time for the baby! Black Friday & other great deals are also just around the corner, so I want to share these shopping tips with you guys to make sure you get the most out of the holiday season while being completely stress free!

1. Set a budget

It’s so easy to go over budget when holiday shopping. I mean, someone must need this gold inlaid bowl right? So I always like to look at my bank account and create a budget for how much I want to spend at the end for shopping. At most x, and at least y, so I have room to play with! It’s always good to budget to make sure you’re on track and to prepare yourself (and your bank account!) for the craziness that’s to come.

2.  Make a list for: Who, What, Where? 

When I’m preparing for holiday shopping, I like to ask myself these three questions. Making a list can be very helpful when organizing who, what and where you will be shopping. You can set a budget for each person and brainstorm what types of gifts those people will want. This way when you go shopping you aren’t just browsing– you know exactly what you went there for.

3. Get multiple smaller gifts

If you can’t decide on that one amazing present for a someone special, a gift basket or stocking stuffer of various items will definitely be a crowd pleaser. It’s a lot easier to shop for and you can get away with gifting the fun items. It also looks as if you put a lot of thought into it, but in reality it’s a snap to put together.

4. Find out what’s online & what’s offline

With online stores & fast shopping, why do we need to even go brave the crowds at the mall? After you’ve decided on what you want to get for everyone, try to see if you can buy most of your items online. The great thing about online retails stores is that they are already offering free shipping & a lot of items at a discounted rate! I also love checking out my favorite online retailers as they usually already have Gift Guide’s ready for the holidays. Here are a few of my fave:

Nordstrom’s Gift Guide under $25 

Shopbop’s Gift Guide for HER

Revolve’s Stocking Stuffer Guide

5. Set aside a day to shop

Many people try to do their shopping over the course of several weeks, getting in a few gifts after work, or before stopping by the mall before another appointment. The issue with that is there’s usually never enough time, and not to mention shopping after work renders you completely exhausted after work.

+ 1 Bonus!

6. Designate a gift wrapping corner

As gifts that I ordered online arrive at my doorstep for the next few weeks, it seems like I’m always trying to find my scissors. This year, I’ve decided to set aside a table specifically designated for gift wrapping. This way, I can also keep my gifts organized!

Be sure to share with your friends these 5 tips to help make your shopping smoother this year! What other tips do you guys have for stress free shopping?

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