LIFESTYLE 9 years ago

How to Have A Stress Free Morning

It goes without saying that depending on how your mornings go, it can dictate how the rest of your day will be like. Lately I’ve been trying to minimize my stress in the mornings so I can have a easier day for the sake of my baby and myself. Here are some tips I have for my morning routine that helps me!

1. Eat a healthy breakfast

You guys know I love my fruits, so starting my day off with a cup of fruit already makes meΒ happy. Now that I’ve quit coffee, eating fruit in the morning gives me more energy. A favorite of mine is also almond butter on toast with jelly. I introduced this to the girls at my office and they loved it, it’s now a breakfast staple at our office! Occasionally I also like to put chia seeds into my water, even though Allen thinks it’s gross..

2. Get inspired for your outfits

Let’s face it, deciding on an outfit definitely takes more time out of your morning than it should. In an ideal world, we’d just pick out our outfits the night before so we can wake up and get dressed effortlessly. But what if when you wake up in the morning and you’re just not feeling the jeans and booties? I get my outfit inspirations from instagram and magazines, so I like to pull out inspirations and keep them by my beside table for outfit ideas.

3. Write it down

I like having a breakdown of my day written down on a notebook so that I can look over it while I’m eating breakfast or before I sleep just so I know exactly what my day will look like. Sometimes when things get so busy it’s easy to forget, so writing them down helps prepare me for the day and keeps me on track. Syncing my google work calendar to my phone also allows me to easily access my calendar no matter where I go!

4. Start Your Day POSITIVE

A while back I’ve taken to writing positive post-it notes that I tack on to my mirror or notebook to remind me of the things that are important to me and what I want to live by. Mentality is everything, and I love starting out my day positively to set my foundation for the day. And no matter what kind of day I’m having, having little reminders (like Captain on my screen saver) keeps me grounded throughout the day.

Photography by Karen Chen

Mornings used to be so hectic that it’s usually not until lunchtime where things slow down enough for me to start taking care of my body. But now that I have this baby, I’ve become a lot more health conscious. Being healthy starts not only physically but mentally as well. Taking measures to reduce your stress in the morning can do wonders for the rest of your day, trust me! What are some ways you guys prepare for your mornings? Share with me in the comments below!