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Outfits 5 years ago

Radiating White

Photography by Karen Chen

After yesterdays all black post  I thought  it would be appropriate to brighten things up a little bit with a white sweater. Thankfully our Winter weather here in Los Angeles   consists of temperatures in the 70’s sunny and cool breezes and after the Polar Vortex I just experienced during NYFW, I’ve been learning to appreciate this  kind of Winter a lot more.

In my previous post, I took advantage of wearing a cut of  top and a short skirt, but for those days where it’s a little more “cooler” I always opt for a  comfy knit.   And no matter which coast I may be on, I love the look of white during the winter. Although it doesn’t qualify as a neon color, for some reason it radiates like one and is so eye catching during this season.  I know most people save white for the Summer, but I’m not one to always follow the “rules” of fashion.  I always find it more fun to break them!


Sweater- Acne (similar HERE & HERE)

Skirt- Helmut Lang

Purse- Fendi

Shoes- Stuart Weitzman (in black)

What do YOU think?

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Radiating White

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