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Outfits 5 years ago


Photography by Calvin Lim 

I’ve been a VERY early adopter to downtown LA (mentioned HERE). When people ask me where my favorite part of LA is , within a heartbeat I ALWAYS answer Downtown. More often than not my answer is followed by a question of “really?, but is it safe?”,  or simply a confused stare. For the past 10 years of living/working in downtown LA, it was very rare for me to roam/walk around in the city. Although i’ve always loved downtown, I wouldn’t necessarily call it the safest place to be. Whether it be picking up my lunch down the street or my coffee a few blocks away it was always expected to jump in a car (sad, I know).  That’s why i’ve been incredibly excited to see the city finally developing, and becoming a bit  more “walking friendly”.

So why is it my favorite place in LA? Well, this is where it all started for me. I graduated high school with big ambitions, and went straight to downtown to pursue my passion. 10 years later i’m still here….the same girl in the same city. Besides there’s nothing better than a good underdog story right? As of lately I find myself walking from my office to the “Eastside”, or better known as Broadway St., for some coffee or lunch.  The ACNE store has been all the rage in DTLA , and now  it seems as if the coolest of kids happen to be in the area.  And word on the street is that Rick Owens, Opening Ceremony, and many other boutiques will be opening up this year. Why do coffee runs all of a sudden sound quite dangerous???

Anyways my obsession with wearing monochromatic looks, especially red monochrome, as seen HERE & HERE continues. I’ve also been really indulging in the tailored buttoned up look. I usually wear my blouses opened up for a more effortless vibe, but as of recently i’ve been craving cleaner lines for a more polished & streamlined look. Not to mention this is a great way to instantly polish up your old flannels, boyfriend’s button up, or of course your chambray shirt that you’ve worn one too many times last season.


Blouse: *Rails (similar one HERE)

Blazer: Monica Rose x Lovers & Friends 

Skirt- Maje (on major SALE! and in black)

Denim Jacket: 7 For All Mankind 

Sunglasses: Rayban

Purse: Chanel

Boots: Reed Krakoff  (similar one HERE)

What do YOU think?

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