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Outfits 5 years ago



Photography by Calvin Lim 

If I was granted one superhero power during fashion week, that would be the ability to be at multiple places at once. One of the biggest frustrations during the week is transporting from Point A to Point B at a reasonable hour. There were a number of shows that I regretfully didnt make it to, one of them being an Australian based favorite of mine- Zimmermann. I have yet to visit Australia, but am finding all the reasons to travel there, besides their postcard perfect backdrops, a few of my favorite labels are based there.

Zimmermann thoughtfully sent me this Precious Bow Tuxedo Dress to wear to their show. The Delicately printed bow details, tuxedo ruffles, and plunging open back creates the perfect medley of feminine and masculine (as talked about HERE). Although I never made it to the show , that didn’t stop me from wearing this gorgeous dress out the other day. I like to say that I brought a little piece of Australia from NY back to LA with me.


DRESS- Zimmerman (similar one HERE)

HEELS- Manolo Blahnik (similar one HERE & HERE)


RING- Lionette

CLUTCH- Raffe (in gold & pastel)



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