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What To Wear To That Holiday Party

So you RSVP’d yes weeks ago, and now THAT holiday party is right around the corner and you need something cute to wear that makes...

Fashion 2 days ago

Jane and Hannah Detox Their Beauty Routines

In efforts to be more conscious of what goes on and in our bodies, we're starting to sprinkle clean makeup and skincare products into our daily routines.

Beauty 3 days ago

Packing in a Carry On - 10 Days in Italy

Hello, everyone! It’s Hannah back on the blog!  A few years ago, I wrote about how I packed for a 7 day trip to Spain...

TRAVEL 6 days ago



The Fall Boots Your Closet Needs

These boots were made for… fall! I’ve already walked you through my favorite coats for the season – if you haven’t checked out my must-haves,...

All the Fall Work Outfit Inspo You Need

As the temperatures continue to drop, well… as much as it can in LA, I thought I’d share some of the outfit formulas I’ve been gravitating towards for work this season!

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Do You Really Need Vitamin C in Your Skincare Routine?

There are so many different ingredients that I swear by for my skin… and vitamin C is one of them!. We all know the benefits...

YOU’RE DOING ANTI-AGING WRONG If You’re Not Using This Ingredient

When it comes to skincare, anti-aging is something that’s been at the top of mind for a while now. I’ve been really conscious of preventative...

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Beach Vacation Approved – The 5 Sunscreens I Took to Hawaii

Between a great face mist with SPF, an easy to apply sunscreen stick for the girls and a sensitive skin friendly mineral sunscreen- Chloe, Colette and myself were all SPF'd up!


More Assumptions About Me

Happy Monday, everyone! If you caught my most recent Catchin’ Up with Chris episode, you saw that I answered some assumptions about me! It was...

Microblading 101 — A Q&A with an Expert

So is microblading right for you?

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No Bad Beauty Days — Nordstrom Beauty Favorites

With the holidays around the corner, I’m about to get super busy. With two kids, balancing work, hosting family in town… my ‘me time’ is...

Beauty 2 weeks ago

Is Your Gut Okay?

So... Is your physical gut okay? Have you ever even thought about if your gut is actually healthy? Is it happy? Inflammed? Bloated? 

Health 2 weeks ago

The Coats You Need This Season

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m SO excited to start breaking out my coats for this season! I’ve collected my fair share of...

Fashion 2 weeks ago