Chriselle Inc. 1 year ago

Elevate the Every Day

Simplicity is key. 

In life, and in style. Don’t get me wrong, I love a fun pattern or a whimsical silhouette every now and again- but time after time I find myself gravitating towards simple clean lines. 

Which is why I’m so excited to be teaming up with my friends at Oroton for a peek at their Summer Collection. 

Pieces that can seamlessly fit into my wardrobe and transition with me through seasons are everything I look for in both my clothes and my accessories — no surprise, Oroton checks all of my boxes! 

To me, elevating the every day is all about adding subtle touches that make a big impact. Just like the bow on this gorgeous cotton dress, the gold hardware on this stunning bag – or just a little bit of sparkle with the accessories.

It’s about taking mundane things like going to the office, running errands, or grabbing coffee, and being intentional with them- not just with what you put on, but your mindset as well. 

If you follow along on TikTok and IG, you’ve probably spotted me wearing this necklace a few times — I can’t seem to take it off! I think I’ve worn both the necklace and earrings every day since I got them! 
Thank you again to my friends at Oroton for sponsoring this post! As we enter into the holiday season, I encourage you to elevate your every day like I am.

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