I’ve been finding much joy in replacing my statement necklaces with detachable embellished collars! As you guys know i never leave the house without my arm candy but lately i’ve been feeling quite naked without NECKORATING aka decorating my neck! Hope you guys enjoy this easy peasy DIY video! and if you guys decide to NECKORATE yourself please share with me on my Facebook or Twitter with your NECKOR! HAPPY NECKORATING!!!

Uptown in Downtown

I can say after a weekend of beautiful spring weather…i am more than ready to turn my thick knitted scarves into the retirement bin (well until next season that is). I had a weekend filled with nude heels..how many Valentino heels can one have??? never too many!  And I must tell you  3d flowers decadently accessorized on your shoes, accessories, or dress  is a MUST for this season (this might be an amazing potential DIY tutorial!) Im starting to adopt the color red into my wardrobe…slowly but surely I am starting to really love strong colors. I’ve been muted and neutral for way too long…can it be that I might be growing out of my neutral craze?? NOOOO…not quite yet darlins’. There’s nothing better than living in a loft overlooking all of downtown LA. Downtown LA is not NYC nor is it anything close to San Francisco..but there is something that I love so much about this city..something I still cannot grasp with my own thoughts or words. But running around in Downtown LA in my Valentinos sounds about right. I like to be Uptown in Downtown ;)




One of my favorite accessories in the winter time is a scarf because it can instantly transform an outfit from casual to sophisticated with the right techniques. I’m quite the Magician when it comes to scarf techniques…I probably know about 50 different ways but here are my top 7 favorite that I share on this video~

All these techniques im showing u can also be worn in the spring/summer with a lighter/silk scarf! and what I also LOVE doing is wearing my summer scarves as a headwrap, headband, and my fave TURBAN! Would you rock this look, and would u want to learn from the magician herself??? ;)