Colorblocking, Starbucks, Heels, SafetyPins..

And an eventful weekend it was….Styled up the Spring editorial for Bunker Hill magazine. Spring is around the corner, flowers are slowly blooming, and Colors are finally arising.With Spring’s near arrival, soon there will be blocks of colors on every corner. Pairing a rich royal purple with a blood orange red  has to be one […]

Sometimes Less is More

Maybe it comes with my job as a stylist? I am constantly surrounded by layers and layers of clothing and accessories every minute of my life, that these days Ive realized that I am much more minimalistic in my own personal style. As much as I love trying out new trends I have become much […]

The Perfect Fit for the Working Woman

We love RESORT wear because it is much more wearable and light hearted than any other season, but how about the women who simply cant wear those oh so cute floral rompers to work?  Fortunately Phoebe Philo, designer of Celine, designed her Resort 2011 for INDEPENDENT and WORKING women who yes, still work during the Resort […]