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Photography by Karen Chen

Lately I’ve been finding more and more that things are best at its essence. Quiet evenings with the hubs, watching the frenchies play, and completely indulging into a new book are just some of my favorites. And I find that this is being reflected in my outfit choices as well, as I’m turning back to black and white tones amidst bright summer shades.

I love pairing black and white pieces together for a simple but chic outfit. I’m currently obsessed with subtle textures, be it in walls for shooting or a classic black top, like my black top. This pencil skirt is perfect for the summer because it’s lightweight and sweet in its subtleties. Lace is best when it’s not overly done and this pencil skirt perfects it with the sheer hem and slit. When in doubt, I love subtracting distracting elements to get down to the basics. I’m a firm believer in beauty in simplicity, what about you guys?



Skirt: Stylestalker

Shirt: Finders Keepers

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik (similar & affordable one HERE)

Purse: Givenchy


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