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Photography by Karen Chen 

They say surround yourself with people that either believe, support, or inspire you. I can say one of my closest friends Jeannie Lee, owner of Satine Boutique, has been able to do all 3 for me. Besides believing and supporting me when I first started in the industry, she has a way of inspiring me in so many ways. She has an incredible talent of  not only discovering new talent and designers, but also breaking them in. Every time I step foot into Satine I find myself discovering something new, this dress being one of them by a talented designer named Tata Naka.  Although this dress is a bit more colorful & bold than what I usually gravitate towards, but  I couldn’t help but feel happy when I saw it. According to my book if you can’t stop twirling, whirling, and smiling in something, then it should be yours. The End!

Have a beautiful day everyone!


Dress: *Tata Naka  via Satine Boutique 

Sunglasses: Ray Ban 

Purse: *Salvatore Ferragamo



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