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How to be Extra Cozy This Thanksgiving and Every Day

Cozy season has definitely been happening around the world but alas, it has finally arrived for us Angelenos. That said, as much as I love the constant sunshine and waking up to constant 70-something degree weather, I cannot resist having a cozy moment come fall.

Once November 1st hits…bring on all the holiday cheer, movies, music, seasonal desserts, home goods, and cozy vibes.

It honestly does not make sense how many soft and warm pieces of clothing I own living in Los Angeles, but what can I say?! I’ve gotten soft. Once temperatures drop anything below 70 degrees, I’m all of a sudden “so cold” and quite “freezing.” Yes, I’m being a little dramatic here but also yes – I DO feel chilly.

So, in light of the Thanksgiving holiday that’s a mere 2 days away and knowing we all want to eat as much as we want without feeling an ounce of remorse or guilt all while looking CUTE – here are all the ways I’m staying cozy this season no matter where I am, sprinkled in with a few other must-have items compiled with Hannah for my Editor’s Wish List. *HINT HINT WINK WINK*


I love wearing a good turtleneck any chance I can get. Bonus points if it’s a cropped, chunky knit – I’m in love. This one is a nice olive-green (maybe moss?) color that complements my usually neutral-tone closet while keeping me warm. It’s made of merino wool from Italy so you know it’s soft and pairs really well with high waisted jeans, trousers, or a skirt. You can also layer this over a simple slip dress for a more elevated and different cozy look.


If you ask me – Entireworld truly makes the best basics. Case and point, rocking a full-on sweatsuit here and here.  They’re fun, come in refreshing colors, and always have a little special something about them. As I tend to dress pretty casual, I like to wear a crewneck any chance I get. Pair that with some high waisted jeans to make my short legs look longer and voilá! We have the perfect casual cozy outfit to easily take you from work to happy hour (or wherever you may be going).


For date night, I know I should try and dress up a little more but I’m also one of those people that would much rather be underdressed than overdressed any day of the week. With that said, I like to have a fun outerwear standout piece to keep me warm and dressed up on chillier nights.


Cashmere Beanie

The perfect chunky cashmere beanie does exist and I’m pretty sure it’s this.

Cozy Slides

I know this kind of crosses the line between cute and maybe ugly cute but I’m into these for house slippers. I am also a very warm-temperatured person (translation:sometimes my feet get sweaty) so I like to have my feet feel fuzzy with room for my toes to breathe during the winter. TMI?

Parachute Quilt

I’ve been dreaming of this quilt to go over my bed for months now because everything Parachute carries makes me never want to leave my bed. Ever.

Ferris Face Hoodie ACNE STUDIOS

I know what you’re thinking – why pay $300 for a freaking hoodie?! That’s why it’s on my WISH LIST.

Shop Jane’s Cozy Looks

  • Guell Sweater Cropped funnel-neck sweater
  • The Tiny Sweater. Type A, Version 10. Pink
  • Vintage – Hoxton High Waist Ankle Slim Fit Jeans PAIGE
  • ALLSAINTS Women’s Trish Platform Sneakers
  • Teddy Trucker Jacket
  • Toy North/South Leather Tote SAINT LAURENT
  • PAIGE Atley Ankle Flare – Black Willow

So, how are you celebrating your holiday and COZY SEASON?! Perhaps you’ll be practicing the Art of Doing Nothing? @ me and let me know!

x Jane

Photography by Karla Ticas
Location: The Proper Hotel Santa Monica