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The Art of Doing Absolutely Nothing

If you’re reading this… I am giving you my blessing to do absolutely nothing this weekend.

Granted, of course, you’re not reading this at work, don’t have a baby or someone to pick up, and can actually afford to cancel some of your responsibilities and plans.

I read Why Everyone’s Talking About Doing Nothing on Man Repeller and was intrigued on conversations around nothingness. With that said, I’m here to let you know that sometimes, doing absolutely nothing is exactly what you need to “make time to do” in order to feel your very best self.

It’s Harder To Not Do Things As An Extreme Extrovert

Sidenote: I took the Myers Personality Test and want to know what my results were? Turns out I’m an ENTP-A and 99% extroverted. Crazy, I know… but if you know or have met me, you know that’s pretty accurate. I love being around people, I thrive in social settings, I don’t get claustrophobic in big groups or at shows, and actually have more energy when there are lots of people around me. So, for me to consciously try and do nothing for a weekend was… well, pretty tough.

If you’re anything like I am, you often feel that in order to have a productive day/week/weekend/month, you have to be doing the absolute most. ALL. THE. TIME.

I like to squeeze in as many date nights, events, GNO’s, yoga classes, work dates as I possibly can cram into each month or else I feel like I’m not doing enough or feel like I’m missing out. I’m constantly burning the candle on both ends without realizing how much of that go-go-go mentality has been negatively affecting me and my overall well being. I was always thinking about what I had to do next alongside a never-ending to-do list that I was never really consciously present until I finally forced myself to be.

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The Art of Doing Nothing

It wasn’t until this past month that I actually canceled all of my weekend plans for once to just chill and do whatever TF I wanted. I didn’t hit someone up to see if they wanted to meet me for lunch, an event, or a workout class. I didn’t feel bad for not texting people back for once. I just went as I pleased and had to wait for no one other than myself. It was GREAT.

Now, I hate canceling commitments as I think that is extremely rude, but I told my friends that I needed some me time to recuperate and they were okay with that because they get it.

We live in a culture that’s constantly on the go and telling us we’re not doing enough. Our phones are capable of doing everything for us at any given hour, the internet incessantly shows us what everyone else is doing at any given second, we’re taught that the 24/7 work and hustle grind is what’s going to make us successful and give us ultimate happiness. We forget to take time to stop and enjoy the moment and really look within. Even when we’re traveling, we’re guilty of trying to squeeze in every little thing we can do during the short amount of time we’re on vacation and end up needing a vacation from our vacation. It never ends!

So – what was the end result of my weekend of nothingness? ACTUALLY FEELING 100% and not stressed. I felt laser-focused and reenergized. Doing “nothing” allowed me to move at a slower pace and marinate in my emotions and surroundings and actually absorb what was happening to, around, and within me. I went into my work week feeling peaceful for once and truly well-rested.

Giving Yourself 💯

So, if you feel like you’re about to burn out – you’re not alone. If you feel like you can never catch your breath or you never have a moment to yourself  – I highly advise you to take a weekend to truly chill and do nothing. Roam as you please. Cancel those plans (as long as it’s not a wedding or a once in a lifetime kind of thing). Stay in. Turn off your damn phone or at least turn those notifications off. Turn off Netflix and truly zone out. Cuddle up with a book, draw, do a face mask, and do whatever the hell you want. Answer to no one but yourself for a couple of days because to hell with it. You deserve it.

The golden rule still rings true: if you’re not 100%, how can you ever be 100% for anyone else? Make plans to do nothing and try to really focus on yourself. You deserve it.

Are you ready to do nothing? @ me and let me know. 

x Jane

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