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The Home Goods That Will Upgrade Your Life

When I bought my first couch in my 20s, I thought that was my rite of passage into adulthood.

It was brand-spankin’ new, cost me a whole paycheck, and happened to be an L shaped couch – which meant that two adults could comfortably lay down on it while consuming endless amounts of Netflix. Now, it was a fantastic couch, don’t get me wrong, but some 10 years later, I realize that a complement to my already well-balanced horizontal lifestyle is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to outfitting a place all your own. Seriously, upgrading your life for the better is a process.

And, as much as I would muchhhhhhhhh rather blow all of my hard-earned money on the latest Celine or Saint Laurent bag of the season, I need to be realistic and invest in my home because your home is your safe place, nest, happy place – so you might as well like it, right?

With that said, here are all of my latest home good purchases that deserve to have a special moment to shine:



Miyabi Japanese Knife Set

Sharp knives are game-changers! If you don’t have any yet and love cooking, I highly recommend getting some. They’re an investment, but they can chop anything and everything with minimal effort (just watch out for your fingers). Plus, it makes cooking so much more fun and speedy. You will actually wonder how you’ve lived so long without a good knife (this is how I felt for 32 years).

simplehuman Shower Caddy

As an editor and product enthusiast, a shower caddy to organize and hold all my shower goods in one place vs. spilling over everywhere has been a true game-changer. It’s nice to look at and helps me know what’s where while enjoying my shower. 

Staub Cast Iron

If you’re over 25, it’s time to invest in a good cast iron. Not only does it transfer and distribute heat evenly, but they’re made to lock and retain moisture so all of your food is juicy. It also sears and cooks meats and soups perfectly, can bake bread and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. You can even bring it camping if you’re that committed to having great food at all times. Whatever you’re craving, the cast iron will make it that much better. Trust me.

Great Sheets

You know that feeling of relaxation when you’re sleeping on that hotel bed while on vacation? Imagine having that feeling every day. I never realized the importance of great sheets until I finally slept on some and woke up sans face wrinkles and body aches. These Percale sheets from Parachute are super chic, easy to wash, and made of 100% premium, certified long-staple Egyptian cotton. If you’re a warm sleeper like me, Percale is a good option to keep you cool throughout the night.

simplehuman Trash Can

I never thought I would have a trash can recommendation, but here we are. I've received so many DMs about this simplehuman dual trash when I got it, so I had to write about it. It's super sleek, but you can simultaneously recycle and throw your trash away in the same bin without compromising on home aesthetics.

A Signature Scent

The act of getting home, getting into your comfy clothes and lighting a candle is so soothing. It instantly puts you into relaxation and chill mode. Byredo candles are just the perfect amount of bougie, burn for 60 hours and look chic anywhere you put them. I love the hint of lavender and rose in this Loose Lips candle

A Nice Rug

Last, but not least: a true defining moment of adulthood (maybe?) – adding a nice rug to your room to tie everything together. Something to keep you warm, your feet comfortable, and is a reflection of your style. This wool rug by Parachute is definitely an investment piece but it’s timeless, hand braided and the coziest.


Do you have any home goods that have elevated your life for the better? @ me in the comments below and let me know! Until next time, 

x Jane

Photography by Karla Ticas

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