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Chloe's Room & Living Room Reveal

I’m so excited to share more of my house remodel with you guys!

As you guys might remember, Allen and I remodeled our house last year. It was a long and stressful process, to say the least, but I’m so beyond happy with how everything turned out! On top of the structural remodeling, we also got all new furniture! So today, I wanted to share two of my favorite rooms in the house- our living room and Chloe’s room! (Okay, all of the rooms are tied as my favorite, but we’ll start with these two!)


As much as I wanted everything to be white, I know that it might not be the smartest choice in décor especially with a toddler, a baby AND a fur baby roaming around! So instead, we went with a neutral grey palette with accents of cream here and there and some beautiful art from Minted.com!

My number one must-have for the living room was the perfect couch. I wanted something that was really deep and wide, filled the space, and something that was comfy enough for everyone to fall asleep on! We found this one, the Caso Sectional from Jonathan Louis and I can say that it is in fact very comfy, and Allen has fallen asleep on it several times!

To finish out the living room, we added these two Rockefeller swivel chairs in shearling that are also from Jonathan Louis! They’re perfect for extra seating when we entertain, and Chloe and her friends have so much fun spinning each other around on them!

It’s such a great and comfortable space for all of us to hang out in.





When it came to Chloe’s room, we made it pink, girly and playful! One of the biggest changes we made in the remodel was switching up the rooms! Colette’s nursery is Chloe’s old room, the master bedroom is now Chloe’s room, and Chloe’s playroom is now the master bedroom!

Since she lost her play area, we had to get creative in her bedroom to make sure she still had enough room for toys! I’m super happy with the way everything turned out!

One of the biggest things we did in her room was give her an adult sized bed instead of a kid-sized bed. I actually fell in love with this pink velvet tufted Dharma bed from Jonathan Louis and wanted it for myself, but I realized that it wouldn’t exactly be fair to Allen! Chloe is in love with her big-girl bed and it’s actually the perfect size for her as she’s a very squirmy sleeper.

When it came to toy storage, we used a cubby shelf and baskets with labels to keep everything organized! Plus, her favorite kitchen set from Milton and Goose where she cooks me breakfast every morning!

To fill up wall space and also add another touch of whimsy to her room, we added a giant chalkboard for her to draw on to keep her creative side going, plus some art from Minted.com.

It gives me so much joy seeing her in love with her big girl room! PS: If you’re interested in any of the Jonathan Louis products in this post, be sure to click here to find a dealer near you!

What rooms do you want to see next? Let me know down below! PS: if you missed Colette’s nursery reveal- click here and if you missed the kitchen reveal, click here!

Photography by Karla Ticas
Interior Design: Maison Trouvaille | Furniture: Jonathan Louis
post sponsored by Jonathan Louis