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The Best Asian Beauty Secret I Learned from My Mom

Happy Day 2 of the 12 Days of Chriselle!

Today, we teamed up with one of my (and my mom’s) favorite brands SK-II!

There are many things I admire about my mom aka Umma Lim. Her kind heart, her generosity, her resilience, and her youthful skin! She’s currently 60 years old and I hope that when I’m her age, my skin will look even half as good as hers does! So by now, you guys probably know how obsessed I am with skin care, but this obsession has been in my family for generations! My grandma (who’s 92 by the way) still gets facials once a week!

All of that emphasis on skincare got passed down to my mom, which got passed down to me! It feels like every time she comes to my house, she tells me about a new tip or trick she’s discovered. If you follow me on IG, I’m sure you saw those lemon soju pads she made for me!

Another thing she taught me about skincare at an early age was the importance of using an essence. When I was younger, I never really understood why my mom would sit at her vanity working on her skin at night and in the mornings but once I became an adult, I understood why! I remember watching her nearly slap her skin with essence and as a kid,  it made absolutely no sense why she’d be slapping her own face, but that’s just how you’re supposed to put on essence so it absorbs into your skin.

If you don’t know what essence is, it’s basically a super water for your skin. It’s super hydrating, and to most women in Asia, it’s just as important as using a moisturizer! You NEVER skip essence. You apply it after cleansing and before you moisturize to calm and hydrate your skin. Over the last couple of years, it’s become more and more popular here in the states, which I almost found baffling because I’ve always grown up using it!

The one essence that I’ve known and loved for years now because of my mom is SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence. I’m sure you’ve seen me talking about it for years but it’s just one of those things my mom would splurge on because she knows it’s just THAT good.

Also, can we talk about how cool this special edition bottle is? The artwork is created exclusively for SK-II by artist Karan Singh. SK-II also sent me an (AR) kit that brought the design to life! My mom and I were mesmerized by it and it was something fun to do after we were done with our skincare routine! There’s a limited quantity, so make sure to get your hands on one ASAP!

One of the biggest things that the SK-II Essence has that none of the other essences on the market have is a very special ingredient called PITERA™. It’s used exclusively for SK-II and has so many benefits. It helps signal your skin to start renewing your skin cells for more radiance, it helps reduce and prevent the formation of dark spots caused by sun damage (which is a big one for me living in California) and it also improves the texture of your skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and gives your skin tons of hydration leaving it supple and radiant. What’s not to love?

I like to call it my miracle water! I honestly don’t know what my skin looks like without it because it’s been a staple of mine for as long as I can remember.

Skincare is one of those things that mom has instilled in me at such an early age and I take it very seriously. Hopefully, I can continue this tradition of beautiful healthy skin with my girls and to YOU!

Thanks to our partnership with SK-II we were able to make a generous donation to Baby2Baby! I am also giving away two SK-II PITERA™ Welcome Kits to a couple lucky readers!

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Photography by Karla Ticas | All Hair & Makeup by Leibi Carias
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