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Fashion 7 months ago

The Classics That Never Go Out of Style

Every time this year, everyone’s in the “out with the old, in with the new” mentality with some Spring cleaning planned in their foreseeable future. I, for one, and one of them and like to go through my beauty and clothing closet and purge what I can/get rid of what’s unnecessary. Some things, though, are meant to never be thrown out- i.e. the classics.

The general rule of thumb for clothes? If you haven’t worn them the past year, donate or sell it. For makeup, check the expiration date below on when you first opened the package (I like to use a Sharpie and write down the date of when I first opened something to help me remember).

Here’s a list of all the classics I’m sticking to this year (beauty included) and why…

The Denim

I’ve been loving darker washes lately. These AMO jeans have a raw hem which dresses up any look. I like to wear them with sneakers on the weekend or with heels depending on the mood.

The Moisturizer

This gel cream is a great daytime moisturizer for those days when a normal cream would otherwise feel too heavy. It leaves my skin feeling instantly refreshed, cool and moisturized throughout the day and smells great (another bonus).

The Essence

This essence is one of THE BEST essences out there! You guys know how much I love SK II, and this is their signature product. It contains something called Pietra – a bio-ingredient rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids that work to support your skins cell renewal.

The Concealers

I get so many questions about which concealer to use under the eyes and which one to use on blemishes/imperfections. This Dior one is nice and highly pigmented. I use this on any of my unwanted blemishes and it leaves a nice matte finish. This one by Nars has been a favorite of mine to use under my eyes because it feels really lightweight, creamy and silky. I like to get in a shade lighter to help brighten up my dark under eyes and mix it with my eye cream. The CINCteam also really love this one as well! 

The Pumps

Sometimes after a long day’s work of cleaning, purging, separating and donating, you need to reward yourself with a classic “something.” Like a pair of classic black pumps… Probably should make them Balenciaga. If you can’t splurge at the moment, I’m also loving these affordable black pumps here and here.

The Oil

This has been my top beauty oil lately. It’s an absolute beauty staple for anyone and keeps my skin looking fresh and dewy. I’m always so surprised at how quickly it sinks into my skin. It can be used as a moisturizer, to take makeup off or as a massage oil and a little drop really goes a long way.

The Mascara

Tried, true and always rebought, this mascara is a winner. It separates your lashes evenly and gives them instant volume without any clumping. The wand is 💯!

The Shades

Always invest in a pair of classic cat-eye sunglasses. They’re timeless and great for those days that you don’t want to wear too much makeup. These ones are the perfect shape for summer and great if you happen to have a medium to a larger sized head.

The Classic White Tee

I’ve worn this shirt so many times this year. It’s incredibly soft, comfortable, the perfect shade of off-white, and has held its shape over time. I love a classic tee that can be either dressed up or dressed down. I’ve had it for over a year now and it’s been my #1 go-to tee.

The Foundation

This foundation feels lightweight but lasts all day (even if you sweat). It’s great for shoot days, leaves me with a nice even matte complexion (not to mention it smells good too), and gives me plenty of coverage.

The Eyebrow Pencil

I get so many questions about what I’m using on my eyebrows these days and realized I haven’t shared my latest find. This pencil by Hourglass is a game-changer. It goes on really soft and smooth and also comes with an amazing brush at the end to make your brows look really full and natural. It’s also free of sulfates and phthalates and gives your brows a nice hold throughout the day.

The Purse Must-Have

Perfect for your desk or purse, this multi-purpose super balm does not leave you feeling greasy and provides tons of hydration throughout the day. Add some onto dry lips, skin patches, your nasal passages, cuticles, etc.!

So that’s the roundup of my current favorite classics. What are some of yours? Let me know down below!


Photography by Karla Ticas

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The Classics That Never Go Out of Style

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