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Beauty 1 year ago

When to Toss Your Makeup

If you read this morning’s post (click here) you know that taking off your makeup at the end of the day is paramount to good skin, but I bet you never thought about that makeup expiring! Yep, just like everything in your pantry or fridge, even your makeup has an expiration date. So that lipstick you’ve had forever? Or your favorite eyeliner? Or that nail polish you only used a few times? They all have a shelf life! So this weekend, use this guide to get a head start on your spring cleaning and go through your makeup bag (my current favorite is this one). I know it might be hard to let go of some of your favorite products, but trust me: no makeup is worth getting an infection and it’s just another excuse to go shopping! (Pro tip: pin this guide to one of your Pinterest boards so you never lose it!)



Photography by Drew Scott

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