12 Days of Chriselle 3 years ago

12 DAYS OF CHRIS-elle: Day 8

Happy 12 Days of Chriselle Day 8 featuring Aera! Remember to leave a comment below on every single blog post in order to be entered to win the giveaway. I’ll be choosing a winner at random at the end of the 12 days (you won’t want to miss it) to win some of my favorites from each brand that’s been featured!

Disclaimer: Keep the capsules upright to avoid the fragrance from leaking.

If I’m not at home with Allen and Chloe, you’ll catch me in the office working with my team! It’s truly our home away from home so I like it to feel as warm and inviting as possible! Since the CINCteam and I spend so much time here, we do our best to create a space that we all truly love. Besides making the office visually pleasing, we love lighting our favorite candles and creating an environment that’s just as creative as it is welcoming. But a few weeks ago, we retired the candles and brought out our Aera! This sleek little device distributes amazing fragrances  perfectly throughout our office and we’ve yet to have someone walk into the office that hasn’t commented on how good it smells!

Controlled by an app on your iPhone or manually on the device, the scent from Aera fills up our office in no time without overpowering. And with tons of scents to choose from (including some amazing holiday themed scents,) you’ll find the perfect one for your home in no time! Each fragrance capsule lasts up to 1,400 hours and the scent can fill a space up to 2,000 square feet! In the office, we’re loving Celebrations, which is one of the two Holiday scents. It smells like someone actually bottled Christmas. Thanks to our partnership with Aera, we were able to make a generous donation to Baby2Baby! Ready to make your home smell amazing all year long? Area is giving away a gift card to help you get started with an Aera starter set and three fragrances of your choice! 

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Remember, to enter the 12 Days of Chriselle all you have to do is:

1. Leave a comment down below on this post telling us what you are most thankful for this year!

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3. We will be randomly choosing a winner at the end of the 12 days and will be announcing it on December 15th. So remember you can comment as much as you want!

Good luck everyone and see you tomorrow!


Photography by Karla Ticas

Hair & Makeup by Ting

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