Fashion 4 years ago

The Sweater Dress You Need for Fall

When it gets cold outside, a dress isn’t usually my first choice for an outfit but a good sweater dress (like this one for under $100!) can go a long way! Add that with a pair of thigh high boots and throw on a jacket and voilàYou’ve got a perfect outfit to brave the cold…and by cold, I mean California cold! Plus, how perfect is this color? It works great with my fall color palette and for someone who doesn’t usually wear green- this is the perfect shade to begin integrating into my wardrobe.

This dress in particular, was so much fun to style because I could work it into so many different ways! The turtleneck gives it a classic silhouette and the tassel ties give it so much versatility. In the first set of pictures I gave myself mock sleeves, then added to the turtleneck to give it a faux scarf look,”then I tied it around my waist to really accentuate my shape! However, you style it- a good knit sweater dress is a total must-have for fall.


Photography by Karla Ticas