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5 Tips for Creating a Family-Friendly Home That’s Stylish Too

1. Choose the Right Fabric

We all know about the daily mishaps that occur when kids and pets live in the home. Spaghetti spills, dirty shoes…as parents we totally understand! One easy way to have beautiful furniture that lasts is to choose the right fabric. Leather or performance fabrics work splendidly for the family-friendly home. Explore our selection of custom upholstery that includes high-quality performance fabrics like Sunbrella and Crypton. These fabrics replicate the look and feel of fine interior fabrics while being resistant to stains and easy to clean.

2. Eliminate Sharp Corners

Invest in a soft, gorgeous ottoman to replace your traditional coffee table. This will eliminate so many potential bumps or bruises by getting rid of those sharp corners! And you can still have a flat surface to work with by placing a tray on top of your ottoman for any coasters, books, or remotes.

3. Get a Solid Wood Dining Table

Reclaimed wood tables will still look great after being hit with sippy cups and written on with crayon. Plus, the natural grain tends to hide any imperfections. As your kids grow, the dining table will become a place in the home that you treasure, so we recommend choosing an authentic and durable piece instead of a trend that is “of the moment.” 

4. Invest in a Wool Rug

Wool rugs generally come at a higher price point, but for the family-friendly home, they’re worth every penny. They’re soft underfoot, help break the tumbles and falls of the newly-walking, and they’re much more durable against foot traffic—so more often than not, you’ll be saving in the long run.

5. Paint Safely

In general, (but always when kids are in the home) you want to use nontoxic, eco-friendly low-VOC paints. One of our go-to brands with a beautiful palette is Farrow & Ball. All of their paints are eco-friendly, and they carry low-VOC versions of each color.


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