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5 Simple Ways to Brighten Up a Dark Room

1. Make Right with the Lighting You Have

It may seem too obvious, but one of the easiest ways to brighten up a dark room is to add lighting …and make sure you’re doing it the right way. Most rooms have a central ambient light, but don’t forget to add task lighting anywhere you might read or do work and accent lighting to fill out the back of the room or any dark corners. Switch out bulbs for the highest recommended wattage and clean any glass lights with a microfiber cloth and warm water and dish soap. Avoid lamps with thick shades, frosted glass, or drum pendants. And if you have recessed lights, make sure to install LED bulbs. Need more help getting your lighting right? Read more on how to light every room in your home.


2. Swap Out Dark or Bulky Furniture

Visual weight or dark finishes tend to swallow all of the light in a space. Let light pass through more easily with legged furniture that allows you to see the floor and furniture with lighter-toned finishes that will reflect light. Acrylic furniture is also a great choice for a dark room because light and vision pass right through it.

3. Add a Mirror

It’s an oldie but a goodie. Mirrors visually expand a room so that it appears bigger, but it also reflects and radiates light around a room to help it feel brighter. If possible, place your mirror directly across from a window to maximize the light.

4. Sheer Curtains

Make the most of the natural light in your room by avoiding any heavy drapes or window treatments. Sheer curtains can give a room an airy elegance as well as light, but if you need more privacy, roman shades can be a good alternative.  

5. Opt for Open Shelves

Big, heavy cabinets are often dark and consuming. Open shelves, like our Gretta shelves or Mercer display case featured above, are a great way to add storage and depth to a room without blocking visual sight to the walls or windows that may help the room appear brighter. Make sure when you’re styling your shelf to choose shelf décor that is thin and spacious … 


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