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How to Turn Your Balcony into the Perfect Summer Escape

Outdoor relaxation isn’t just for those with big backyards. Everyone should be able to enjoy their outdoor space as a place to relax and retreat to at the end of the day with a good book or a glass of wine in hand … even if you’re a city gal with only a small fire escape! Here are our tips to transform your outdoor area into a summer sanctuary. Enjoy!  

1. The Right Rug

Ditch the shoes and dig your toes into a cozy underfoot by placing a rug in your outdoor space. This will immediately bring the feeling of a living room to your balcony and encourage you to spend more time outside! When shopping for outdoor rugs, make sure to choose a synthetic material like polypropylene. You can also opt for a natural material rug, like bamboo or sisal, if your outdoor area is covered and won’t get wet from rainfall. Need more help selecting a rug? Get more tips on our rug guide

2. A Garden Stool Side Table

A place to set down a drink or your laptop is a necessity for an outdoor space. Explore our collection of side tables to get started, but for many outside areas where space is limited, you might have to get more creative. We love using a ceramic garden stool as a smaller table option that’ll look beautiful and still store your belongings. Place a few candles on top with a bouquet of flowers, or set out some coasters with a pitcher of fresh sangria!  

3. Creative Seating

Your outdoor space won’t be much of an escape if there’s nowhere to sit and relax. Shop our collection of outdoor seating for a beautiful chair or garden bench for your balcony. If there’s not enough space, find creative ways to find seating like using a bench or crates with seat cushions and outdoor pillows. Or if the space permits, hanging a hammock or a swing is a fresh and fun seating alternative.

4. A Mini Garden

The key to capturing the outdoor feeling is unsurprisingly … lots of plants. Buy pots and planters for larger plants and trees that you can place in a corner area. Smaller plants and flowers can be placed on a side table, and of course, railing planters filled with flowers or a fresh herb garden are a way to give balconies and fire escapes that extra charm.  

5. Candle Lanterns

There’s nothing like some nighttime reading (or Netflix-watching), but outdoor spaces are notoriously difficult to light. If you have easy access to an outlet and wiring, string lights are a very popular and photogenic choice, but if not, we suggest a gorgeous candle lantern or two for on the side table or down near your feet or doorway. Not only will candle lanterns help you see, but they offer the space a calming and romantic atmosphere.  


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