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5 Ways to Impress Your Summer Guests

1. A Well-Dressed Nightstand

One of the best and most memorable ways to make your guests feel comfortable is to make bedtime as easy and relaxing as possible. Outfit your nightstand with a carafe for water, a catch-all bowl where your guests can stash jewelry, keys, and watches, and maybe even add a personal touch, like a few favorite books, a nice scented candle, or their favorite snack.    

2. A Coffee/Tea Bar

No guest room is complete without a bar cart. Station a bar cart with a single-serve coffee maker or electric kettle and a variety of teas, sweeteners, and creamers nearby for a miniature morning kitchen your guests can use without having to go downstairs. It’s a great morning comfort your guests are sure to delight in.   

3. Furnish with Care

If you haven’t updated your guest room in a while, take the time to refurnish before you have friends over. A statement bed, a large dresser, and bedside tables and lamps are the obvious guest room necessities, but also consider tailoring the furniture to your guests’ needs—like placing a folding luggage stand at the foot of the bed instead of a bench. And always make sure there’s a mirror in the guest bedroom, especially if it does not have its own bathroom. For more tips on furnishing your guest room, read our article on Guests Room Ideas That’ll Have You Gushing.    

4. Extra Blankets and Pillows

Everyone’s temperature requirements and sleeping preferences are different, so to cater to the needs of your guest, be sure to include extra sheets and even a warm, fashionable throw in case your guest gets cold. And in case your guests prefer it on the cooler side, a portable fan kept near the bedside table will be appreciated.     

5. The Best Basics

At a bare bones level, the best guest rooms and the most memorable stays are the ones where all of the basics are covered and nothing is forgotten. Make sure the room has Wi-Fi, and place the Wi-Fi password in a cute note on the bedside table so they don’t have to ask. And while no one expects your home to be a four-star hotel, offering basic amenities like fresh towels, sheets, soaps and shampoos, and extra toilet paper will demonstrate your thoughtfulness.


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