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Home / Decor 3 years ago

5 Home Pinterest Trends For Fall We Adore

As lovers of interior design, you may know that what we see trending on Instagram or Pinterest often dictates the upcoming interior design trends for the year. As summer comes to end, we’re seeing a lot of old Pinterest trends vanish (all-white kitchens, mint green accents, etc.) as several emerging trends take the spotlight (say hello to matte black!). And then there are the few existing trends that aren’t going anywhere. Get our take on the Pinterest trends for this upcoming fall season in interiors. Enjoy! 

1. Modern and Minimal

If you’re a fan of minimalist design, you’ll be overjoyed to discover that everyone is embracing the crisp, pared-back look. In a time where there’s so much stuff out there, it’s almost a breath of fresh air to clear out the clutter and have a space with clean lines, simple silhouettes and beautiful modern furniture. One modern, minimalist look we see trending right now is the Scandinavian inspired interior. Learn more about the style now with our Scandinavian lookbook.

2. Farmhouse Kitchens

We’ve all heard the hype surrounding farm-to-table food, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the kitchens popular on Pinterest right now are rustic, farmhouse kitchens reminiscent of the provincial style and quiet country life. Farmhouse kitchens have been trending on Pinterest for a while now, and they don’t seem to be going anytime soon. Why? Farmhouse kitchens encourage families to cook, gather, and eat together, making them truly ideal for a family home. Learn all of the farmhouse kitchen necessities on our blog.


3. Boho Chic

For those who need more color than the modern or farmhouse looks allow for, consider the beauty of the boho chic style. Over the past few years in interiors, bright colors and bold patterns have ruled as the go-to boho look, but this fall we’re going to see a beachier, faded, and blown-out design direction. Think Eastern global influences with a touch of Venice Beach, Californian attitude. Learn more on how to get the look here.     


4. Black and White Decor

If you’ve seen my home, you’ll know that I love the classic beauty of a black and white interior. But lately, on Pinterest, we’ve seen this monochromatic look trickle into accessories and decor as well. Pair black and white accents with a muted palette for a two-toned room that says chic, simple, and sophisticated. And as we mentioned in the intro, matte black is back.

5. Shades of Grey

The era of mint greens and other pastel colors has faded on Pinterest. Bring in a cool and mature palette filled with stormy and misty greys by painting a dark accent wall, or try adding abstract pieces of art that play with dark shapes or patterns. Mix with leather and natural elements for a chic, masculine space, or add pops of gold or rose gold for a flirty, glamorous room. Look to our Moody and Gold lookbook for some inspo!


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5 Home Pinterest Trends For Fall We Adore

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