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How To Hang A Stunning Gallery Wall

Starting your gallery wall can be a daunting task. There’s so much that can go wrong, and you don’t want to be unsure of your design and end up putting extra holes in the wall. Here’s an easy strategy to avoid doing any unnecessary damage: Buy some craft paper from your local arts and craft store, and trace each frame you want to use onto the paper and trim to size. As you follow the rest of this how-to, tape your craft paper cutouts to the wall with painter’s tape until your gallery wall is perfect. Then go ahead and hang the real pieces.

 To get started, anchor the wall with your largest statement piece first. This will serve as a guide for your other, smaller art. Every gallery wall needs at least one piece that feels commanding for the eyes to immediately gravitate toward.

Vary the size and orientation for the rest of your art pieces. Including vertical, horizontal, and square art will ensure your gallery wall looks balanced. If you find yourself stuck with an awkward space, remember that a small starburst mirror or another piece of hanging wall decor can be incorporated into your gallery. Don’t make the mistake of drawing the line at wall art.

Keep the gaps between your pieces relatively even and at least 3 inches apart so the gallery doesn’t look crammed. Also make sure no piece is too far from all of the others, or it make look strange, like it was hung there by mistake.

Make sure the frames you choose for your art pieces are within your color palette. Every frame doesn’t have to be the same (it can be a lot of fun to mix it up!), but you don’t want any of your pieces to stick out like a sore thumb.

After you lay out the gallery with craft paper, take a step back to see what the gallery will look like as a whole, and make any minor spacing adjustments. We additionally like to lay the gallery out on the floor first too so you can see each of the pieces next to each other to ensure they compliment each other well. Because the real key to a stunning gallery is simple: great art. Shop some of our favorite wall art pieces below, and get started on that gallery you’ve always wanted!

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