Fashion Week 8 years ago

Rethinking Your Wardrobe


I like to call my style a mixture of luxe & street. One of my favorite things to do is take existing pieces and see how I can rework them into a new combination. For example, layering your winter sweaters with your summer dresses! The challenge about fashion week during the winter is how to actually dress weather appropriate all while looking chic. Not that I have found the solution, but I found a combination that usually always works for me. Start off with a heat tech shirt, then layer another heat tech shirt if needed, then layer a sweater over it, then finally throw on a spring/summer dress on top of all the layers, and finalize it with a warm coat. The secret is to have a lot of secret layers underneath all of your layers! No one has to know how bundles up you actually are underneath!

You guys know how much I love layering my turtlenecks under pretty much anything, but you can also use your favorite sweater as a base as well. So when deciding what to wear to the Rag & Bone FW 2016 show, I knew I wanted to 1). stay warm and 2). make a statement. And what better way to make a statement then wearing neon? Something about fashion week just brings out the colorful side of me! I layered this neon sweater underneath this super cool leather slip dress and finished it off with a gorgeous white clutch from Sophia Webster.

The Rag & Bone show was pretty epic. There was a live percussion performance that really set the mood while two lineups of both male & female models walked the long & spacious runway. With a mixture of 90’s to military influence, there were lots of wearable & notable pieces. The pieces from the show were raw, strong and powerful, but the show itself was very serene because of the amazing live band. I immediately noticed the thick knits and the coolest denim designs I’ve seen. Also tons of pieces you can mix & match with. Going back to what I was originally talking about…taking your existing pieces and pairing it with something new! I challenge you this weekend to give your wardrobe a spin and layer things on top or underneath that you usually wouldn’t do. You might surprise yourself!

Today I’m headed to San Diego with my family for a little staycation before jetting off to Paris on Monday! Hope everyone has a restful weekend, and I’ll see you all in Paree!



Photography by Karen Rosalie