Skin Tips 8 years ago

My Milky Silky Smooth Skin

Today I’m talking about my secret to silky smooth skin… and well let’s just say I wasn’t born with it! I definitely didn’t wake up like this haha. I’m always really obsessed with achieving that natural silky, smooth skin and even though I never talk about it, there’s one product that I always use without fail… Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash! So when Dove approached me, it just made sense. For whatever reason, when I’m out shopping I always buy these. I have a bunch of Dove body washes just stocked up at my house. I love how creamy and nourishing their body wash is, and the scent is very mild so it doesn’t overpower my perfume. To be honest with you guys, I don’t really have the time or patience to sit down and moisturize my whole body after a shower (even though a lot of my girl friends tell me to do it), so I like that this body wash functions dually as a body cleanser and has a rich lather to moisturize my skin! The less steps the better right? After just one use your skin already feels softer and smoother. Imagine if you’ve been using it for as long as I have!

One of the worst and most embarrassing things (especially here in LA), is leaving the house with dry and ashy legs! No one really talks about what body wash they use, but it’s definitely essential. For my girls in hot climates like LA, I definitely recommend getting a moisturizing body wash like Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash. The best part? Their formula is mild and gentle enough that I can also use it on Chloe! I’m starting her with healthy skin early haha. This product also just won an Allure Best of Beauty Award for “Best Moisturizing Body Wash,” It’s also no surprise that Dove is the #1 Dermatologist recommended brand.

So guys, I just shared my secret beauty product with you… what’s something that you guys can’t live without for smooth skin? Share with me in the comments below!

Happy Monday!



Photography by Karen Rosalie