Skin Tips 4 years ago

Getting the Holiday Glow

When I think of the holidays I immediately think of all the gorgeous holiday ads in magazines. The models always have glowy skin and the cutest holiday outfits. As glamorous as the ads make the season look, winter can actually be pretty brutal on your skin. I consider myself a skincare junkie, so I’m always playing with new brands and products. Recently I’ve started using RèVive Skincare to prolong my healthy glow throughout the dry Winter months.  I thought this line was so unique because the founder is a Harvard trained plastic surgeon! He noticed that a lot of his patients that were coming in for procedures really just needed to rejuvenate dull, lackluster skin but there was no surgical procedure that could do this. So he combined his research to create a skincare line that uses bio-engineered molecules to rejuvenate healthy skin. These molecules dramatically reduce signs of aging and promote healthy hydrated skin.. how amazing! Can I just get the molecule in a bottle?

I was especially excited to use the eye cream because as you guys know, I struggle with major dark under eye circles. This eye cream can not only repair your skin, but give it a smoother and brighter look! And as you guys know from my Korean beauty post, nothing says younger than bright dewy skin! I also really like their RèVive Glycolic Renewal Peel because it feels very mild but incredibly effective. After using it twice a week, my skin felt so smooth and healthy! I usually use a lot of skincare products to maintain a healthy glow so I love that this line is so effective and gentle on the skin.

I was in New York last week and it was already starting to get so chilly. Winters in New York can be so brutal (I can still remember the cold from fashion week two years ago)! I’m really lucky I don’t have to deal with the harsh temperatures in LA, but no matter where you live, you should definitely take care of your skin during the holidays! I’ve found that drinking lots of water and keeping your skin hydrated helps a lot! So when my skin gets dry this winter, I’ll be repairing it with RèVive!


Photography by Karen Rosalie