Fashion 9 years ago

With a Pop of Red



While an LBD is an important staple to have in your closet, an LWD (little white dress) is just as important! Not to mention a flirty white dress is always appropriate during the summer months. This is a new dress by a line called Hunter which is available at Brand Assembly via Lord and Taylor. I love that this sundress has a halter neckline which I think is the most flattering neckline for me (aside from off shoulder). I also love the drop waist and all the multi-layers because not only does it have incredible movement, it also waterfalls down nicely! So I can twirl around like I don’t have a care in the world .. Lately I’ve been opting for statement shoes and bright lip instead of jewelry. This acts as great accent so you really don’t need any accessories.

Now that I’m a bit more tan (I’ve been hitting the pool every weekend with Chloe.. check it out on snapchat @chrisellelim!) I find that white really brings out my color for that fresh summer look! And white is just always a go-to color for me as it’s simple and effortless. I’ve been on the hunt for a bunch of white pieces for Greece and this little white dress is really perfect for it! Airy white dresses really complement the beautiful architecture in Greece, I always think of the beautiful white and blue buildings in Santorini. Follow more of my Greece adventures on snapchat! (@chrisellelim)






Photography by Karen Rosalie