Makeup Tips 9 years ago

My 5 Minute Makeup Routine

You guys might remember that one snapchat I did a while ago where I did my makeup in the car! (While I was sitting in the backseat with Chloe of course.) I’m usually always on the go, so I love using products that have double use that can allow me to do my makeup quickly and efficiently! Here are some tips and tricks that I use so that I can do my makeup within 5 minutes! (& still look camera ready!)

1. Wander Blush | On the Go Blush & Illuminator

One of the things I love to do to quickly add color to my face is using both blush as a lipstick and as a cheek highlighter. But I recently discovered this beautiful Wander Blush and I love it! It makes my routine a lot easier as it’s both an illuminator & blush in a compact container so it’s super on the go. The cream-to-powder formula is easy to use and the color goes on naturally with a glowy finish. The cream color also applies easily to my lips and it’s long lasting! As far as double duty makeup goes, this Wander blush is definitely an incredibly versatile product.

Wander Blush On The Go Blush & Illuminator

2. Tom Ford Concealer 

I don’t even think they sell this product anymore as I’ve been using it for so long! (For you guys though I did link their newest updated concealer.) As you guys know I struggle with dark under eye circles, so when I’m in a rush I don’t have time to really do much to them. One tip that I learned from Blair of Estee Lauder though, is to create a triangle with your concealer & then to blend it out. I can’t tell you guys what a difference it makes ! I love that the brush is thin so that I can make my triangle precisely and the product applies smoothly and blends seamlessly into my skin!

Tom Ford Concealer


3. Glossier Balm Dot Com

I know you guys are probably sick of me raving about how amazing this product is. But I just love how much it moisturizes and the fact that it has no scent is so amazing. It’s also perfect when I am doing quick natural makeup since the product is so subtle. I’ve gotten into the habit of using it every night before I sleep so now I feel weird if I don’t apply it! During the day though, I apply this on top of my lipstick and right after I apply the leftover color onto my cheeks. It’s a two-step process where I can quickly moisturize and add color to my lips at the same time!

Glossier Lip Balm

Makeup Bag: Patricia Chang

Charlotte Tibury Lip Laquer | Chanel Powder Blush | Super Goop Serum SPF

So here are some beauty tips that I do for my makeup routine that’s quick and easy! Applying makeup can be such a process but when you’re on the go, I need to be fast and efficient! To find out what else is in my makeup bag, see the links below!


Photography by Karen Rosalie