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Home / Decor 4 years ago

Home Reveal Preview

For the past few months I’ve been so busy re-decorating my house with the help of the Laurel & Wolf team! I mean with the addition of Chloe & trying to balance work, it’s almost impossible to also redecorate your house on top of that. So thanks to Laurel & Wolf for all their help to make this possible! If you guys follow my snapchat you’d know that we just wrapped a shoot and my house is almost finished! There are a lot of amazing peices that I’m really excited about. Here’s my Home Reveal Preview!

Most of you don’t know the back story to the house that I’m currently living in as I’ve never really talked about it on the blog. After I got married, I immediately left my bachelor(ette) pad in downtown LA to move to Allen’s cozy little home in Manhattan Beach. There’s so much history behind this house, as it is the same place he grew up in since he was a little boy. Can you believe that Chloe’s nursery used to be Allen’s bedroom when he was 9 years old??? What a trip! The upside to moving into this house is that there is a lot of sentimental value, but the down side? The renovation process. Ugh! It’s a very old home that has not been touched since….God knows when.

These past few months I’ve been slowly renovating the house from the inside out- ripping out the carpet and adding hardwood floors, fixing the piping, redoing the yard, replacing all the windows & doors, and of course furniture shopping! Although it’s been a fun process, it’s been a tedious one, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of my friends at Laurel & Wolf.  (You may recall that they helped me with my Nursery as well HERE.) From the design process, style boarding, hunting down the perfect pieces, and of course the coordination & logistics of it all. It was great working with them because I was able to use their virtual platform, where we designed everything online (I mean…how convenient!)

When it comes to interior design I could get a bit fickle & picky, so I have to say that my interior designer, Lucinda Pace, was so incredible to work with!  She helped me execute my vision to life, and I could’t have done it without her. I’m incredibly proud of how the house looks like now because it’s a blend of my personal style- elegant, glamorous, yet cozy & rustic at the same time. Some of the pieces were custom made, but we also partnered up with Z Gallerie to add the finishing touches for the home. Most of my absolute favorite pieces are from Z Gallerie so I can’t wait to share with you all the full reveal in a few weeks!

Excited to share with you guys the rest of our photos soon!


Photography by Karen Rosalie

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