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4 Essential Indoor Plants

You guys might remember a few weeks ago, I mentioned I was in the process of landscaping my backyard. While I was working with my contractor on the details, I fell in love with a few other flowers that I’ve been using to liven up my home space as well as my backyard. Plants are such amazing unassuming things that can do wonders for your house. It’s no secret that I am a HUGE fan of white roses, but today I’ll be sharing with you guys 4 other amazing indoor plants to have around the house!

1. Pink Chrysanthemums

Since I love having just white everything, (I mean.. check out Chloe’s nursery), having a fun pop of color can really bring out the neutral space even more. And the great thing about having a fun colored plant is that it instantly livens up the space. Especially living in a metropolis city can be overwhelming at times .. so for my fun loving readers, try adding this to your space! It also makes for fun pictures.

2. Orchid

This was definitely a hard plant to take care of, not going to lie. They’re so pretty and delicate, but this is a bit more high-maintenance plant. (Can you handle it?) They demand high, unobstructed light; they prefer their water soft; not too wet, not too dry. But the petals are so delicate and pretty, it can make your space feel more romantic and dreamy.

3. Peace Lily

Their lush foliage and pure white blossoms make Peace Lilies a popular houseplant. These easy-care plants thrive best under indirect sunlight and attentive watering. The best part? These lilies tell you when they’re in need of water by drooping. This easy plant is perfect for the foyer or in the living room!

4. Bromeliad

This plant isn’t something I’d have on my desk at the office (I prefer something more delicate), but I love the greens and how strong it feels. But this might be the perfect plant for me because the thick leaves can hold water well and I always tend to forget to water my plants!

And there you have it, 4 indoor plants! Are you guys a plant person? Which one will you be purchasing for your home?

 Photography by Calvin Lim